Collaboration VentureLab Weekend / IPIM Summer School

Collaboration VentureLab Weekend / IPIM Summer School

Our collaboration with Tjitske dates back to 2017, when she joined the coaching team of the VentureLab Weekend, a 2.5-day event designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs develop a business model and pitch for their business ideas. While many of our coaches offer business advice, Tjitske is helping with the team dynamics and collaboration. How to stay focused while learning from all the diverse feedback, how to deal with the emotions in a highly competitive and intense event, and how to communicate your business proposition in a concise and effective way? Tjitske’s expertise ensures that teams can navigate the complexities of startup life with confidence and clarity.

Health VentureLab Weekend 2023

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working with Tjitske at numerous events and in various formats. For example, Tjitske also coaches student teams in the Industry Perspectives on Innovative Medicine (IPIM) Summer School. It is an engaging week-long school designed for advanced undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. students who spend a full week exploring and practicing the process of commercializing biomedical research.

I highly recommend Tjitske. She is not only a great professional but also a genuinely enjoyable person to work with. Her professionalism, reliability, positive attitude, and a cool sense of humour consistently enhance the experience for everyone involved.

Dr. Olga Belousova
Assistant Professor at University of Groningen