Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Artikel 1) Introduction and definitions
  1. These terms of service apply to all services by Academic Career Coach, including every continuation of, alteration of, or addition to agreements, as well as to all legal relations resulting from or related to the services. The applicability of the terms of service of the counterparty are explicitly rejected.
  2. Definitions:
  • Academic Career Coach: The registration number with the Kamer van Koophandel is 65535448
  • Client: Every natural or legal person that explicitly or implicitly commissioned Scriptiewijzer for services or advice.
  • Coaching: Academic Career Coach provides 1) help with making and keeping to a planning 2) corrections and editing to the thesis text 3) personal advice and feedback about the structure of the research.
  • Session: Academic Career Coach works with personal and written sessions.
  • This includes sessions by phone or Skype.
Artikel 2) proposals
  1. Proposals are free and without obligations. They are valid for 30 days after date. Price quotations may be amended due to unforeseen changes to services. In such cases Academic Career Coach will always contact the client so that new agreements about the price can be made.
  2. Offers of proposals are not automatically valid for future commissions.
artikel 3) execution, quality and planning
  1. The client ensures that Academic Career Coach receives all necessary information and means in a timely manner so that the services can be executed optimally.
  2. Academic Career Coach must be informed about all of the client’s deadlines, and the plans to work towards these deadlines for both parties will be made in mutual agreement.
  3. The client and Academic Career Coach will inform each other when the planning and quality are at risk. Corresponding actions will be undertaken in mutual agreement.
  4. Academic Career Coach treats received informations with regard to the commission with care and confidentiality.
  5. If the client wishes to cancel or move an appointment, this must be done at least 24 hours in advance. If the appointment is cancelled or moved less than 24 hours in advance, the client will be charged for the session nevertheless.
  6. If the client does not show to an appointment without cancellation, the client will be charged for the session nevertheless.
  7. Academic Career Coach provides coaching to the best of their knowledge and ability. However, Scriptiewijzer cannot make guarantees about assessments of content and quality of the products of the client. This is and remains the client’s responsibility. Scriptiewijzer has an obligation to perform to the best of their knowledge and abilities.
artikel 4) expenses and bills
  1. Academic Career Coach can be paid per session or for multiple sessions at once.
  2. Academic Career Coach works Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 to 17:00. If the client wants a session outside of these working hours, they need to discuss this with Academic Career Coach at least one week in advance. If the client asks for a session outside of working hours less than one week in advance, and Academic Career Coach manages to make this happen, the client will be charged double rates.
  3. Academic Career Coach invoices its activities monthly.
  4. The invoices must be satisfied by the client within 14 days after the invoice date, unless otherwise agreed.
  5. In case of late or no payment, the client is in default without the requirement of any notice of default. After the due date, the client owes Academic Career Coach the extrajudicial collection costs of the Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten (Dutch Order of Lawyers) over the outstanding amount, with a minimum of €50 per invoice.
  6. Services that exceed the confirmation of order in nature and scope are considered to be additional work. Additional work is only executed and charged after mutual consultation and only after a separate commission has been given.
  7. When a client terminates an agreement in writing, the thus far performed work must be paid for.
  1. All information emanating from the collaboration between Academic Career Coach and the clients are treated as strictly confidential.
  1. If Academic Career Coach cannot perform services for longer stretches of time due to illness or incapacitation, the client is free to cancel the agreement in writing. In this case the spent hours will be charged.
  2. Both Academic Career Coach and the client will immediately inform the other party if circumstances beyond their control arise. In this case arrangements for the continuation of the commission must be made in mutual agreement and the affected party may not claim compensation. (Circumstances beyond one’s control are understood to be circumstances which Academic Career Coach or the client could not reasonably be expected to take into account, and as a result of which the normal execution of the agreement cannot reasonably be expected to be continued.)
  1. These Terms will be governed by Dutch law exclusively.
  2. Any dispute will be submitted to a competent lawyer in the Netherlands for settlement.
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