I’m always busy gathering knowledge, reading. This is because I believe that knowledge directly relates to freedom. Wanting to do things but not knowing how to achieve them or why you aren’t achieving them is a universal theme. Anyone who thinks about themselves, the world, and the systems and structures at play in the world can make more autonomous steps and grow both personally and professionally.

Tjitske Dijkstra

Core values


I want to untangle that which becomes complex. This can be done by dissection or by returning to the basics: Why did you want this? You take the biggest leaps when you can take a step back.


I’m curious about the logic and mechanisms of the world, and I want to know about the motives that inform people’s choices. I’m always observing, listening, reading, and learning.


We often look forward and try to find the solution in the wrong places. By pausing and openly looking (back) at what you are doing, and why you are doing it, you can make more informed decisions.

Others about me

"Tjitske has helped me enormously in finding the core of my thesis. Because of her enthusiasm she gave me back the confidence to finish my thesis after two years of stagnation. Because of her knowledge she knows exactly how to ask the right questions, which takes you 5 steps further after only 1 session. In my opinion it doesn’t get more valuable than that."
Jill Nieuwland
"Because I was rather young (20), and not yet participating in a busting academic/career life, I wasn't sure if going to a career coach was a useful choice. Nevertheless, I decided to go, and I do NOT regret going. Together we discussed my academic-, work-, and personal life and created a vision of how I wanted to continue in the future. Tjitske knew exactly the questions to ask to get what I desired in my academic/career life written down. I left the session feeling inspired, full of motivation, and with a more clearer goal for my future. Will definitely come again."
Rick Valk
"Tjitske is a real help in one of the most challenging times of your life; writing a thesis. She always motivates you and puts in all the effort possible to help you succesfully complete your thesis at University or your bsc scriptie at HBO. With her positive and professional attitude she guides you throughout this process and gives you the feeling that you can do it, even if you are not sure about that yourself."
Steffenie Kuiper

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