that puts you in the light.​

About me

I use my curiosity, love of stories, and knowledge to challenge academics to grow. In doing this,
the focus is always on the person in front of me. How can we determine their motives?
What is the broader perspective on what halts their progression? By diving deep, both of us will
learn about the real reasons for the ‘problems’, so that the academic can make conscious and
autonomous decisions.

Hello academic! Do you recognise this?

You get stuck writing your thesis

You seek direction in finding your personal bottlenecks

You want to develop your soft skills

You don’t know what to expect after your degree

You can’t find the right balance between your private life and your PhD

You want to learn how to build a network in your own way

You don’t know which steps to take to improve your situation

You are searching for a safe space to share your problems and thoughts

You want to develop your potential to be successful in a way that fits you

no matter what stage of your academic career you are in, I offer:

A safe space to excel.
Reflection, inspiration, a broader perspective and practical handles to reach your goals.
The courage or impulse you need to take (new) steps in
your personal and professional growth.
Insight into the skills you want to develop to reach
your goals.
Authenticity: Ownership over your process.
Own it.

Feel attention.

You vent. I listen and find the key points we can work on together. The ‘practical’ problems are easily identified: You are stuck in your thesis or work, you no longer enjoy your PhD or your role as supervisor. We will seek out the limitations and the freedoms. What do you want, which patterns need to be broken to get you back on the horse or help you get back your motivation?


Take action.


We tend to think that we only get stuck because of practical problems. “If only I would be motivated, if only my boss/professor/supervisor would understand me, if only I would be better at this…” But oftentimes the solution can be found in a combination of three resources, time, energy, and focus. We will work together to rebalance these resources.

“So that’s how it works, what’s holding me back.”

Be authentic.


You won’t walk out of meetings with a to-do list, but with a number of focus points to keep in mind. What will you do to make progress? Will you reach out, read more, talk, get up on time, or maybe take a break? This will help you actively take steps towards the future, without fixating on a single problematic side of things. It’s about learning to take the initiative and responsibility so that your result is yours and yours only.