My first question to you will always be: “What do you want to talk about?” We will seek out the limitations and the freedoms. We will work together to rebalance your three resources, time, energy, and focus. You won’t walk out of meetings with a to-do list, but with a number of focus points to keep in mind. This will help you actively take steps towards the future, without fixating on a single problematic side of things.

Feel attention. Take action. Be authentic.


No matter what stage of your academic career you are in, I offer:

A safe space to excel.

Reflection, inspiration, a broader perspective and practical handles to reach your goals.

The courage or impulse you need to take (new) steps in your personal and professional growth.

Insight into the skills you want to develop to reach your goals.

Authenticity: Ownership over your process. Own it.



Practical help to continue writing a thesis

Lived experience without judgement

Co-reader, sparring partner, and editor at an academic level, who keeps track of the main line of argumentation

Insight into your (lack of) balance

A broader perspective and goals after your degree

Resolution of doubts on your choice of courses, or minor or master’s degree

PhD Student

Insight into and understanding of the causes of your practical issues

Guide to help you find your authenticity in the (academic) world

Insight into your (lack of) balance

A link to make the transition from PhD to job easier

Practical support to get on with your PhD

Personal and practical handles to reach long-term goals

Practical handles and exercises to improve soft skills

Possibility to join a supervisory group (max. 3 PhDs) to learn from each other’s work and life processes

Research supervisors

Reflection on supervision and the supervision model

Insight into the problems (PhD-)students can encounter

Learning to recognise the things that can go wrong during a thesis and/or during a PhD

Practical handles and exercises to improve soft skills/coaching skills

Development of supervision-skills, including communication with the student/department

Courage to approach matters (in a more personal way)

(Academic) Career Seekers

Establish your authenticity: insight into what you have to offer and how you want to develop and grow

Insight into the jobs and careers that fit your goals and that allow you to thrive

Guidance in consciously developing your career and network

Learning to network, building and maintaining a network


Tailored advice

Coaching of personal / professional development employees

Guidance management / employees in dealing with complex issues

Supervision management / employees

Coaching summer/winter schools

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