Academic Career Coach: PhD Supervisory Groups

Academic Career Coach: PhD Supervisory Groups
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From this new academic year onwards, I want to start small supervisory groups for PhDs in Groningen who wish to learn from each other’s work, learn, and life processes. These groups, therefore, will act for you as a safe space in which you can feel empowered, feel a sense of direction, and act authentically. You could consider it to be one of Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In Circles, serving as a support group to guide you through your career and your life.

During the sessions, you will be encouraged to move from your protection to learning mode. That means that you will use the sessions to share your story, struggles and opportunities instead then shield them. You will dare to feel confronted, which will empower you to learn, think and create again. So, this compassionate and caring, safe space will enable you to progress your PhD.

These are some outcomes you can expect. You are going to:

  • Understand your own story.
  • Create awareness of your unique talents and interests.
  • Define a clear and confident vision about the choices you want or need to make.
  • Accept uncertainty.
  • Learn to show up.
  • Deal with your failures, and failures are feedback.
  • Dare to be seen and to occupy space.
  • Improve your writing because being open to your context will enable this.
  • Sense more joy in your PhD journey.
How does it work?

As in my daily one-to-one sessions, the participants provide the subjects. So, my first question will always be: ‘what do you want to discuss?’ As a group, we will reflect on the topics provided, and in my role as a supervisor, I provide (scientific) background info as context based on my experience.

  • The group consists out of three PhDs; mixed-gender, years, and research areas.
  • We meet monthly at a convenient moment that works for all group members.
  • Meetings have a duration of 1,5-2 hours. 
  • Per meeting, it will cost you € 25 – € 35 per person.

Are you in? You can apply by using this application form
Note: you can apply at every moment during the year. After your application, I will reach out to you and create a spot in one of the groups.

If you have any questions, please contact me ( or +316 5571 8609)

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