Update January 2021: Another lockdown stage

Update January 2021: Another lockdown stage
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As we all heard yesterday, we’re facing a new set of measurements to get us through this pandemic. Many of you try to deal with the consequences of this exceptional situation. Some of you feel tired of everything, others don’t feel the energy to pick up the thesis work, and others state that this situation offers them the opportunity to deepen their research.

As you all noticed, our sessions are also about how the pandemic makes you feel, and we also talk about how you can learn to deal with it. If this new stage in our lockdown overwhelms you, please contact me. Feel free to call me or schedule a session; I am there for you if you need to talk about it! Together we can gain insights into your situation, and we can create a strategy to make the most of it.

Solitude and connectivity: writing through change

How can you write when your world is falling apart? Tara Brabazon talks in this vlog about productive solitude, or as Elger puts it: ‘the brightest people need solitude’. So this is about you! Tara explains that academics need thinking time to become productive writers. But she also uses Newport’s Digital Minimalism book to make you conscious about your usage of time: do you use or waste it?!

It might give you some insights into how to make this rather solitary period getting turned into an enormous investment in your development as well as your research progress. Tara explains a lot about it in this ‘think-it-through’-vlog. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work it through with you, to make this vlog work for you in real life!

Belong: Find your people, Create Community, and Live a More Connected Life

Who am I, and what is my purpose? If we can answer these two questions, we can connect with others. Feeling connected or feeling the opportunity to connect with other people that make you feel safe is an essential thing in life as in keeping your solitude healthy. Being able to talk your ideas through with other bright minds (read: friends) enriches your life as well as your research; it can keep your research going. That’s why I’m always pressing on you folks to interact with your beloved ones; they make life worth it, and they shape your development. So, you’ll understand I’m keen on reading this book by Radha Agrawal to help you out even better in the future 😉

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